Crafting Unique Pillow Shams: A Creative Guide

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Discover the joy of making your own pillow shams with this creative guide. Learn how to personalize your bedding and add a unique touch to your home decor through crafting.

Getting Started with Making Pillow Shams

Embark on your crafting journey by gathering the necessary materials and familiarizing yourself with the basic steps of making pillow shams.

Materials Needed:

To make pillow shams, you’ll need fabric, thread, sewing machine (or needle and thread), scissors, measuring tape, and any embellishments or decorative elements you wish to include.

Basic Steps:

Start by measuring your pillows to determine the dimensions of your shams. Then, cut out fabric pieces according to these measurements, adding seam allowances as needed. Sew the fabric pieces together, leaving an opening for inserting the pillow. Finally, hem the edges and add any decorative elements to personalize your shams.

Crafting Techniques for Unique Pillow Shams

Explore various crafting techniques and ideas to make your pillow shams stand out and reflect your personal style.


Add visual interest to your pillow shams by incorporating appliqué designs. Use fabric scraps to create shapes or patterns and attach them to the sham fabric using stitching or fusible web.


Enhance your pillow shams with embroidered details, such as monograms, floral motifs, or geometric patterns. Experiment with different stitches and thread colors to create unique and intricate designs.


Create one-of-a-kind pillow shams using patchwork techniques. Piece together fabric scraps or pre-cut squares to form a patchwork panel, then sew it onto the sham fabric for a charming and rustic look.

Personalizing Your Pillow Shams

Make your pillow shams truly your own by adding personal touches and customizations.

Fabric Choices:

Select fabrics that reflect your personality and complement your existing bedding or decor. Choose from a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Decorative Elements:

Incorporate decorative elements such as buttons, ribbons, or trim to embellish your pillow shams and add visual interest. These small details can elevate the overall look of your shams and make them truly unique.


Consider adding a monogram or initial to your pillow shams for a personalized touch. Use embroidery or fabric paint to create a monogram that adds a special and meaningful element to your bedding.


Crafting your own pillow shams allows you to unleash your creativity and personalize your bedding in a unique way. With the right materials, techniques, and personal touches, you can create pillow shams that are not only functional but also reflect your individual style and personality. Follow this creative guide to make your own pillow shams and add a personal touch to your home decor.

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